Monday, August 27, 2007

U.S. Open: Here We Go

Well the U.S. Open is finally upon us.

25 days ago I started my Top 25 contender list, and due to the passing of time and the release of the draw, here's how I'd change it to make a final Top 25.

Federer and Djokovic obviously stay at 1 and 2, as I did those both after the draw came out and I think Djokovic can get through it to the final despite how difficult it is.

I'd move Blake up to #3; he is in a soft quarter and has to be considered the favorite to come out of there and make the semis.

Nadal would move up to #4. He's probably in the most TALENTED quarter, but nobody in there is playing good tennis right now so Nadal should be able to take advantage.

Hewitt needs to be bumped down since he'd play Djokovic in the 4th round, but maybe not any below #5. Most likely he'll either win three matches, or he'll win 5 or 6. If he gets past Djokovic, he has a great chance of making the final. But that's a tall order to get past the Djoker.

Davydenko probably #6. He's in Blake's quarter and has a decent chance to make the semis.

Roddick has to plummet down to #7. Simply because he would have Federer in the quarters; that's just rough. Of course if he pulls off the shocker, he could be considered the favorite to win it all depending on how Djoker is looking on the other half of the draw.

more to come...

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