Thursday, August 16, 2007

25 U.S. Open Contenders (cont'd)

A lot has happened since I began these rankings with #25 two weeks ago, so it's time for some revised/extra analysis.

David Ferrer belongs on this list due to his play in Cincinnati this week. His stellar return game is proving to stand up to big servers even on such a fast surface in Cincinnati. Right now I'd pick him over most of the guys I have ranked so far (25-11) in a match at the U.S. Open - of the guys already ranked I'd probably only consider taking Stepanek and Moya over Ferrer head-to-head.

Jonas Bjorkman would be out, replaced by 1) Ferrer and then probably 2) Nieminen.

Ivan Ljubicic is just playing terrible tennis right now and would barely squeak in to the top 25, if not all the way out.

Basically right now I'm looking at all the guys I have ranked and almost all of them seem to be ranked too high. But that also means that I can't find anyone to bump over over anyone. I guess Moya and Ferrero would be on the rise, although Ferrero got destroyed by Blake today. Who knows, at this rate maybe Sam Querrey deserves to be in there, more because these guys are stinking it up than the fact Querrey is playing great right now.

Maybe the bottom line is that there seems to be a huge gap between this motley crew and the guys coming up in the top 10.

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