Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Portland Name Site of Davis Cup Final

Portland?!?!?!? Really? Really, USTA? Really?

Yeah, I'm mainly upset because if it had been awarded to Winston-Salem I would have strongly considered making an appearance. But alas, no suck luck.

Still, even considering non-selfish reasons, give me a break. Are there even tennis courts in Portland? For real, is there anything ATP related that ever goes on in Portland or the entire state of Oregon? An ATP tournament? Even a Challenger level event?!?!?

Furthermore, the reasoning, or so as I understand it, for Portland is primarily advertising space inside the arena. So typical. Yet also so pathetic.

I just hope tennis fans on the west coast actually show up and root on the Americans. I won't stand for any kind of soft-core atmosphere at a Davis Cup final. It should be, and it better be, the most raucous atmosphere in tennis year in and year out.

I'm not happy about the location, but GO U.S.A.!

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